Mandy is adept at carefully assessing where children need support to address gaps in their mathematical knowledge and skills. She has extensive experience as a maths specialist teacher and is always open to new methods, including Singapore Mathematics strategies, enabling her to develop not only children’s number confidence, but also their skills in reasoning about number – an important part of the maths curriculum in both primary and secondary schools today.

Mandy is approachable and adaptable and reacts to how the children themselves feel about their mathematics work, placing this alongside her knowledge of the curriculum requirements in each year group: she can then provide teaching and learning that taps precisely into the areas required to help children make progress and embed their learning. Working with this methodology, I have seen children’s confidence as both learners and mathematicians increase with Mandy’s support.

Mandy is an excellent maths teacher who is able to put herself in the place of those who find learning hard. She is able to nurture and encourage independent learning, allowing children to learn by making mistakes. She encourages resilience and inspires children to learn in a fun and stress-free way.